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The Weekend You've Been Waiting For

Camp Yoga British Columbia

May 24-26 2019

Free Time & Me Time

This is more than a Yoga Retreat.  This is YOUR time to Experience, Play, Connect, Release, and Recharge.  No Fixed Schedules.  No Rules.  You, Nature, and Friends - both old and new - getting away from it all and making each day amazing.  Build friendships and create memories doing all the camp activities you loved as a kid - or maybe you've never tried!  This is about expanding your mind, exploring your spirit and finding presence

Camp yoga Ontario
  • Yoga Classes Taught by BC's Best Instructors
  • Meditation
  • SUP (Stand Up Paddleboarding)
  • Acro Yoga
  • Archery
  • Kettle Bells
  • Vision Boarding
  • High Ropes Course
  • Dance Parties
  • Bon Fires
  • Board Games
  • Whatever you want or nothing at all This is About You

What You're Going to Do

Your time is your time! Pick from a variety of awesome activities and make your own schedule. You're not being lead around or being told what to do.  Change your mind? No problem.  Want to lay by the lake and read a book instead of going to a class? That is awesome!  Do it!  Your time at Camp Yoga is for you to do as much or as little as you like. 

At the end of the day this is all about you.   Ready to party down with your new camp friends? Awesome!  Prefer a quiet night of talking over a glass of wine with your new best friend? We'll get the bottle opener for you! 

Camp Yoga is built around you, for you, and what you want to do!

Camp Elphinstone

Where it all happens

Camp Yoga British Columbia will be hosted at the beautiful, 144 acre Camp Elphinstone, just a ferry ride away from Vancouver. This beautiful venue is surrounded by temperate rain forest and the rocky shoreline of Howe Sound – we guarantee that you will kick yourself if you miss this session on the West Coast.

What People Are Saying About Their Camp Yoga Experience

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Don't worry.  You won't be staying in a tent.  We offer a variety of booking options at various price points to help make Camp Yoga something everyone gets to experience.  There are great options that offer different levels of amenities.  Regardless of your choice your going to have a great time. 


Rustic Bunk $450 CAD

Currently $75 Off, Regular Price $525 CAD

This is where the stories happen. Your bare bones for necessities, but if you want to find out what nicknames the boys carved into their bunks and create nicknames for your cabin - this is the place to be. This is what you buy expecting to hold your stomach laughing yourself to sleep. Cabin Capacity 10.

Mid Level Bunk $499 CAD

Currently $75 Off, Regular Price $574 CAD

Nice upgrade! Recently built cabins to offer a more cozy bunk experience. Clean and crisp. Cabin Capacity 6.

Lodge Bunk $535 CAD

Currently $75 Off, Regular Price $610 CAD

This is your UPGRADE! Each lodge has a nice community area with a fire place. Only 4 people per room. 8 rooms per lodge. Nice privacy settings, but still has the intimate feel of coming together with your bigger group. Groups can book an entire lodge of 32 and have only 4 people per room.  Still want the nicest accommodations but don't have a group? That's cool. We'll put you with your new friends. 

What Are We Eating & Drinking

We've got you covered.  This isn't chicken nuggets and green beans.  We'll provide a variety of food, a salad bar with amazing options, and we can accommodate gluten-free, celiac's, and other food sensitivities and dietary requirements. Just let us know via email (you'll make this choice when booking your events as well).  We do encourage you to bring a variety of snacks to enjoy during the day.   You're going to be hungry after so much fun!  Trust us! 

We'll provide water, tea, and coffee during your meals.  Alcohol is provided during our dance parties at an additional charge.  You are welcome to bring your own for consumption during your private time or to share with friends.  Please drink responsibly.

Are You Excited Yet? We Sure Are! Keep Scrolling for Your Special Offer!!!

How Much Does This Amazing Weekend Cost?

At Camp Yoga we want to make this experience as affordable as possible. Our event pricing is straight-forward and can be paid off in one lump sum or installments. The price below includes: Food (7 meals), accommodation (bedding & towels not included), classes and activities and transportation*.

Please note: Extra costs include alcoholic beverages and specialty workshops. 

*Don't need transportation? Email us after purchase and get $40 Camp Yoga Credit. 

Payment Plan

Camp Yoga offers flexible payment options so that you can pay off the amount as you go. Click Buy Tickets and when you're completing the registration you can select the first payment option. Payment for the balance is up to you, and is due two weeks from the event.

*Tickets are non-refundable, however transferable on a case by case basis for $25.


If You Got This Far, Maybe You Have Some Questions

You Can Also Chat With Us - We Love to Answer Questions

Do I have to book with my whole group to ensure that we bunk in the same cabin?

Why should I buy now instead of later?

How do I stay clean!?

What is the food like? Can you accommodate me?

Is there a minimum age for individuals attending?

Are tickets non-refundable?