Want to be a Camp Yoga Ambassador!?

We LOVE your love for Camp Yoga! The magic that is created at Camp Yoga can only be done through people like yourself.

Ambassador Program

Ok – we do need a few things for this relationship to work. Ya know, last thing we want is to end up in a fight in the kitchen and have to go for a long walk to realize how much we truly do love each other. SO – communication is KEY!

FIRST THINGS FIRST – You have to love camp so flippin’ much that you understand that the end goal is to have other people experience connection out of this world! You want to yell at everyone to come and get a piece of the LOVE! Let us acknowledge that our ask is greater than what we can give back. Camp Yoga needs people to step up above the call of duty because they believe in what this weekend provides for those that need it most. You’re a part of changing lives!


You need to have at least 750 facebook friends AND at least 1500 instagram followers (public account required). We’ll do an audit as to whether your 15,000 followers and comments on your account are real – or just the part of the bot epidemic 🙂 

Before Camp Yoga you get a free Camp Yoga Ambassador Sweater mailed to you!

You pay the same as a volunteer rate for the weekend, without having to actually volunteer! $250 +tax

You don’t have to do a dang thing over the weekend, your work is pre-event build up and convincing people to join the tribe.

Your responsibilities will begin approx 4 months from the event and terminate the day after. 

Here is the rest:

Instagram Responsibilities:

Your posts will alternate between your feed and your story. Four months before the event you will post three times. Two and Three months from the event you will post once a week. The last month before the event post three more times. Post at least once during the event. Must use #campyogaambassador and tag @campyoga in each post.

Use  other hashtags on posts:  #campyoga  #campyoga2019 #campyogalife #yogacamp #campyogaambassador 

Engage, comment and tag friends in the Camp Yoga posts 4 months up until the event.

Facebook Responsibilities:

Post about the event and share the Facebook event page link event 2 weeks on your profile. 

Engage, comment and tag friends in the Camp Yoga posts.


Are passionate about community, yoga and fitness.

Have demonstrating a strong ability to work and thrive in a team environment.


BE THE MOST FUN… Seriously


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