FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to book with my whole group to ensure that we bunk in the same cabin?

Each attendee has to have their own ticket and purchase under their own account. Tickets do not need to be booked with your entire party. After you purchase your ticket you will be notified when our schedule is live and you can sign into the particular room/cabin you would like. Just tell your friends to choose the same room/cabin!

Why should I buy now instead of later?

Reserve your spot! With the option of a payment plan you can book your space now with a $200 down payment and pay off your balance as you wish leading up to the weekend! First in line for classes and activities.

Where will I be sleeping?

Read the description in the ticket section to get a better understanding of the different quality of sleeping arrangements! Ranges from hotel style to bunk beds!

How do I stay clean!?

All facilities have showers and washrooms. Don’t worry it’s hot water :)

What is the food like? Can you accommodate me?

Absolutely. There will be meat – phew. However, we are well aware of all the regular requests. Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten Free, Paleo. We’ve got you covered. Have a food allergy? Let us know, we’ll make special meals for ya!

Is there a minimum age for individuals attending?

Yes, the minimum age to attend Camp Yoga is 19 years. We also have participants all the way up to the age of 75 :) No age cap.

Are tickets non-refundable?

Unfortunately we’re just like all other events and all purchases are non refundable, HOWEVER we have GREAT options.

1. INSURANCE – after you purchase your ticket you will be prompted to buy insurance for $34 within 24 hours.

Just give us 48 hours notice and we’ll fully refund your ticket if you have it on your account.

2. We allow you to transfer your ticket to someone else for the same event. $25 fee.

3. Donate your ticket. Let us know you can’t make it and we have a list of those in need of this experience :)

How do I get there?

Depending on the location – some include transportation some do not. Join our facebook event group page to create a carpool.