Camp Yoga Does Winter Wonderland in Colorado

January 23, 2017

​303 Magazine does an incredible job of letting you know how epic Camp Yoga Colorado is. AND this is only HALF the stuff you could do :)

The 7 Things That Surprised Me About Camp Yoga – Matt Corker

June 1, 2016

​I packed for rain. The weather forecast called for heavy all day rain. Friday afternoon and all day Saturday saw sheets of rain pour down onto camp. The fun never stopped, yet we were really wet.
Then, plot twist, we wake up on the last day of camp to a beautiful blue sky and a sun shining brightly down on us.
A savasana and a sun tan? Yes please!

CBC Radio Interview on Camp Yoga

July 19, 2016

​Listen to Chesley talk about how it all started, and a few behind the scene stories that have popped up along the way.

Chesley Long on the Kent Brun Podcast

March 14, 2016

Listen to Chesley chat it up with Kent about all things cool and how Camp Yoga came to be.

Kids Camp for Grown Ups

July 11, 2016

​Summer camps like the one in Gibsons are opening their doors to adult-style fun.


May 10, 2016

​Camp Yoga retreat combines summer camp and fitness in a weekend retreat.

Imagine going to camp as an adult

May 6, 2016

​VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – It’s just like the camp you went to as a kid, but this time you can drink.

Sweat Equity lululemon ambassador love article

December 1, 2015

lululemon ambassador love article

Elle Canada Magazine

July 1, 2016

​Reminiscing of camp as a kid days – Camp Yoga gets a mention on a large platform.

Camp Yoga Review by Vitality Pure

June 6, 2016

​Community is essential to us as human beings. Every single one of us wants to belong, every single one of us wants to be heard. Camp Yoga introduced me to my tribe, my community, my peeps. It showcased to me that “my people” are out there, and they are AWESOME!