Want to be an Affiliate Studio for Camp Yoga!?

Let Camp Yoga deliver an event that brings your studio together and forms a long lasting relationship with your studio’s brand.

Why become an affiliate? Here is what one of our affiliates had to say:

“The first year I attended Camp Yoga, I convinced 10 of our members to join for the experience. WOW, did it blow us away. It did so much for our studio’s community and brand, that the next year we CLOSED OUR STUDIO for the weekend to encourage everyone to attend. The event is everything you’d ever want, and above that, our clients returned from the weekend with a new sense of commitment to Inner Phoenix Yoga. Running a retreat myself, I’m never fully present with my clients, Camp Yoga offers an experience that takes all the work off of my hands, rewards me for it, and my clients get to spend quality time with me over the weekend. Highly recommend.” – Corinne Atkins, Inner Phoenix Yoga, California

Benefits of being an affiliate?

Increased love and commitment from your members to your brand.

Discounts for your members.

Get paid for getting your members to attend.

Free tickets for the studio for hitting sign up targets.